Friday, July 17, 2009

The prowess of the Ninja.

You whisper me before we start the boss fight, "If any resto gear drops do you need it?" i respond to you, "Of course, but we're rolling on it so..." You say nothing in return.
We begin the fight, with you on raid healing and myself on the tank. You stand in a flame wall, and die, and raid members die because of it. We down Sartharion with ease, and all run to his corpse to look at the loot. Tier 7.5 gloves, ones that I could use drop. I roll, as do you. While i look at the numbers to see if i won, i see something strange. You did not roll 1-100. Your roll states 100 (100-100).
The raid leader is too impatient to notice this, and when I call foul he says I just wanted to token for myself. You have succeeded in ninjaing where many have failed. I congradulate you and wish you the best of luck. I reported you to your GM and he said he wouldn't accept the type of behavior in a raiding member of his guild. Once again, best of luck.

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