Tuesday, August 25, 2009

-10[...WTF does that even mean]

This years blizzcon held many a bombshell for the WoW gamers world(of warcraft) and how he/she sees it. And honestly, i think the effect from that bombshell is going to last a while. With all the changes to SP, AP and the like, changes to things that most people didnt view as broken, people are concerned that stats will drop, and classes changed so much that it will feel like playing a different game. Not so sure this is a good idea. Im sure blizzard has a plan to make it so how we play is the same, and the changes are just so they have less code to write and (possibly) less bitching to hear, but i really am skeptical about all this. On the plus side i think the new races will bring some new experiences to the game and Im looking forward to some level 80 VC and SFK. The one thing i really dont like is the changes to the new zones. I understand that Deathwing is back and causing all kinds of problems, but really? Lava in nearly every zone? I guess when i heard we could go back to the classic zones we leveled it i thought it would be as 80's and there would be a point. Im a little confused on why blizzard is going the way they are (hence the title) but we have at least nine months (probably a lot more) until the expanstion is released and Im surethings will change, but all in all, Im concerned for the future of the world (of warcraft.. lol)

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