Monday, August 10, 2009

Back with a vengence

Alrighty, back to business. I have gotten my account back, (all hail the Blizzard Administration Team) and I'm back to do what I did best. After trying out all the new content, and by *new* I mean the new 5 and 10 man instances I have to say, good job blizzard. The patch wasn't extensively broken, realms were playable and most of all, the new shaman bar is godly. As for the changes to restoration shamans, definetly a huge buff. Healing wave is now getting 16-17k crits (thank you H ToC gear) without having to get a measly 9k heal beforehand. CH is now efficent, which means a lot of people will go back to mindless spamming of it (For Shame!) Now I was skeptical at first about to new instances, as were many raiders. "No trash, just bosses?" However, only partly true. There is a semblence of trash in the new 5 player dungeon, and the 10 player is unique enough that I felt it wasnt neccesary. All in all, a great patch. (Loving the fact I can farm about 30 emblems of Conq. a day also, makes me a happy lemur {I like lemurs, deal with it})

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