Thursday, August 13, 2009

Not by choice however.

Chain heal is the iconic shaman spell. With smart jumps it chooses the person that needs the heal the most. It is, by all means a fantastic spell. However, its not the spell. Many resto shamans use chain heal as their primary healing spell, with Riptide and LHW thrown in as needed. I however, have a different approach. With a constant Riptide uptime on the tank along with Earth Shield as well, I am free to use the immense healing power of HW as my primary healing spell. Able to top off a tank, dps, or anyone else with one spell is great, and with High crit AA is proccing all the time, increaseing the healing done. Im not saying that this is the best approach, or even a good one, but its how i play. With more shamans turning aside from CH spamming, you would think that Blizzard would include some totems or set bonuses the dont buff just CH.

Take the new restoration totem, chance on CH to increase spell power by 243. Not a bad totem, and i'll probably get it eventually. But wait, theres more!

The 4 piece set bonus of the Conquerors is a 0.2 second cast reduction on CH. Alright, not great, but not bad either. Still, I havent finished yet.

The 4 piece set bonus of the new t9 restoration set increases the critical strike chance of CH by 5%. That is quite hefty. Right now, as I'm geared I have 30% crit chance. 5% on CH is really quite nice.

My point, in all of this, is that it seems that blizzard really wants shamans to use CH as a main staple in their rotation. And I do, not by choice however.

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