Friday, October 9, 2009


Bleargh!! That's the sound I make when I do something that bores me, a sound I've been making a lot lately. The weekend and patch 3.3 should remedy that hopefully.

Speaking of the weekend, The guild is heading into Uld/ToC tonight(I'm full raider!!! ZOMG) and as I like to pile work onto myself I decided to record out boss fights. I really had the idea because of a certain amazing shaman named Hardwired and his healing video's. My hope is that these videos(that I make) will help the guild learn where mistakes are made or come up with new ways of doing an encounter. So there's that, what else should I talk about?

Oh yeah, I finally learned to do something that I'd been struggling with for a while. Heal Well. As MUSED takes 3 healers into our raids most times, I'm never able to even get near the top of the healing chart, and when your 20-60k below the other healers in healing done you get sad. Last weekend we took a stroll into 10m ToGC. Now the week or two earlier we downed ToC 10 for the first time, needless to say not everyone was geared enough. However, it was extremely fun and I kicked ass healing wise. When you get a compliment from a paladin that you consider godly at healing you know you did damn good. Once I get more time I'm going to post on an interesting occurence I've noticed with healers and the tank they are assigned to heal.

-Brought to you by the loving embrace of FIRE ELEMENTAL TOTEM. Warming you up with fire since a long ass time ago.

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