Monday, October 26, 2009

O Mai Freaking Gord.

Pet Peeve of Raiding #1: People that tell me how to play my class when they themselves don't play that class. Seriously? Fuck off and deal with whatever it is you do and leave me be.

Pet Peeve of Raiding #2: People of the same class/spec telling me how to do my job when I am doing better than they are. If I needed your help, I'd fucking ask for it.

Pet Peeve of Raiding #3:People I don't know sending me whispers asking for stuff while I'm raiding. Fuck off and die. That is all.

Pet Peeve of Raiding #4: People playing music over vent. If I wanted to hear Brittany spears distorted and garbled I would just go to my sisters CD rank and pop one of her many albums into the stereo.

Pet Peeve of Raiding #5: People that say, "Hey man are you rolling on ?". I might be. It hasn't dropped yet so why do you even care? Shut up and worry about the fact your dps is the lowest out of everyone including me. A fucking healer.

So that pretty much covers the major ones I have. I encountered all of these plus many more in a ToC pug I was in a couple days ago, and I nearly flipped out. I understand if you have a suggestion for me to increase my longevity or HPS, I welcome it even. Maybe you're on an alt and your main is the class I'm currently playing. Those situations are fine, you could even give me a really good tip to increase my effectiveness as a healer. But, please for the love of all that is good, have some common courtesy. I know for some of you elitists and twelve year olds that Ebay'ed and think you know everything this is hard, but it will prevent people like me, the ones with anger problems, from verbally cutting your balls off in vent.

This wall o' text brought to you by: Spiked Deathdealers-Roflstomping the throats of noobs and asshats alike since murder in a video game became legal.

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