Monday, October 5, 2009

I cancer and u!-Contradictions are my speciality.

A while ago I posted on why I dislike addon packages, and preloaded UI's. They aren't your UI, they're someone elses that you just happen to be able to use. I was always of the feeling that a serious UI should be made by you, and carefully constructed to fit your needs. Here's where I must contradict myself.BeneaUI is possibly the best UI I've ever seen. Made by a serious raiding priest, it basically says, "Healers, I know what you need, here it is". The UI is clean, not overly flashy or in your face, but it provides everything that I, as a healer need to know.


This UI consists of quite a few addons, so many in fact that I won't list them all. A few major addons are Domino's, Stuf unitframes, my much beloved coolLine cooldown tracker, and many many more. What I enjoy most about this UI is the low impact feel it gives you without losing essential addons. With faded bars, minimalist unitframes and no background/border colors on several things it gives the feel of being minimalist, something I greatly enjoy. I would also like to point out the sheer amount of work that Benea must have put into this. Grid is configured up to Twins in ToC, Priest and Druid buffs are included, all manually added. Different textures for addons that don't come with them, stuff like that. In all honesty, I don't have any gripe with the UI that isn't purely aesthetic and I recommend it to any healer struggling to perfect their UI.

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