Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Curse of the wandering mouse.

Well hello there. Havent seen you since that incedent with the roofi-oh right, court order and all that, I'll stop talking now.

See? My stupid immature humor isn't dead, Rejoice! However, the computer war of 2009 did claim several victims, namely my interest in raiding, and my confidence as a healer. Oh blah blah my needs...moving on.

When patch 3.3 hit, I told myself that I would get back into raiding and start doing what I do best once more. That lasted all of 4 minutes, and then I went back to playing Left 4 Dead 2. Why don't I want to raid anymore you ask, well I've give you an answer despite your protests and signs of warding against the devil. Raiding takes up too much time, and I don't find it fun anymore.

I have 5 major reasons why I don't find it fun, and I'll bet every raider has felt the same way for at least one of these.
1-"zomg I r raidleader, GET THE FUCK WHERE UR SUPPOSED TO BE! Lol I r not mean. JUST FUCKING DO IT."
2-"lol ima dipshit lol ima pull shit when im not supposed to lol I want all teh loot lol im 12"
3-"hey so um other healers? yeah you guys fucking suck, so ima do this all myself and belittle you the entire raid and just act like a complete ass, mkay?
4- Raid mentality-Lets wipe on a boss for hours on end, and never try and tweak our strat so that we can down this guy. DIS IS PROGRESSION GUYS!!! FUCKING DEAL WITH IT! IMA STICK MY DICK UP MY BUTT AND YELL AT YOU FROM NOW ON!!
5-"lol raiding is easy lol. You guys suck ima go join a real guild so they can deal with me being 12 and having to leave mid raid because my mommy said it was time for a bath."

/end rant
/nod appreciatively at my work

So, thats all I really have to say about that. On to what I actually liked about patch 3.3, which was actually my favorite patch of WotLK.

Dungeon Finder- This is a game changer, plain and ridiculously simple. I, at level 20, can find a group for almost anything, and see all the instances that I might have missed other wise. Or, at level 80, I can take 2 minutes to find a group for a heroic, and most likely do very well.

Integrated Map- This is another game changer. For myself, questing was always the worst part of the game, simply because I could never find anything and it took an ungodly amount of time. So now, instead of taking all my alts into a BG and leveling like that, I can quest and see the game and all its lore like the designers intended you too.

New 5-man dungeons- Are simply fun. Loads of fun. I just pop myself into the new LFG system, and pound away at em. Forge of Souls just has this errie feeling that really gets me into the mood. The boss fights are challenging enough on heroic that I don't play bejewled the whole time. Pit of Saron is my favorite heroic, and for sure my favorite non-raid instance in the game. It just has this open, expansive feel, like you could wander around and find new things that you havent seen before. The boss fights here are not hard, but definetly fun. Halls of Reflection is meh. I thought we would have gotten rid of the x # of waves then a boss mechanic. The bosses are easy, and you don't actually fight Arthas, he just chucks zombies at you.

As for class changes, the new fire nova is a great addition, and I can definitly see this as a staple in dps rotations.

-Meaning of todays title: When a shaman that outgears the 5-man he's in decides to start clicking on all the the cool stuff in there lets his party die because he wasn't paying attention.

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