Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The joys on the dungeon tool

Me= Tank
You= Dps

Dps= damage per second
Tank= The person that the creature is supposed to attack.

Dps + Stupidity/Impatience = Tank not tanking= Dps death= Rofltank

Rules to Live by
1:If a dps pulls, don't help because obviously he can do just fine without you.
2:If a dps pulls multiple mobs, see Rule # 1
3: After a dps pulls multiple times without waiting, vote kick him.
4:If new dps does the same as the old, see Rule # 1

Quotes of the week!
T: Oh im sorry, as the rogue has been the one pulling the entire time, I thought he was the tank. My mistake

D:So are you tanking or not?
T:No. I'm going to sit back and let you do that. Rogues are the best tanks in the game and you obviously don't need me to pull the 9 mobs that you grabbed off of you.

D:You arent going to leave T? We've had like 3 T's leave already.
T:Depends, why'd they leave?
D:Well, we're in a hurry so we chain pull, sometimes they weren't ready.
T has left the group.

I would like to use this picture to show how much I care about you if you pull when someone isnt ready.

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