Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New- By definition, New, means new if you didn't know

As the title implies, a lot of new stuff has gone on in the last week since I posted. Of all that stuff I'll only include the stuff that involves WoW, because no one cares about real life.
Yes folks, I found a guild. And if I do say so myself, a damn good one at that. I transferred servers after finding one that was in my time-zone and looked to have a good number of weekend raiding guilds. I popped onto the realm forums and started scouting for what I wanted. I needed a weekend guild due to my heavy weekday schedule, and I wanted one that was decently progressed into Uld. Lo and behold, MUSED, was the answer. I read up on them, looked at a few armory profiles, all the stuff I do because according to a professor I have a superiority complex(I'm anal about guilds, not a prick). I dropped an app and waited...for like 8 hours, maybe. The quick response immediatly impressed me. I was asked into their vent, with a little trouble on my part seeing as I don't have the common sense to know a lower-case L when I see it >.< I was immediatly invited into uld, which excited the hell outta me. We blew through Thorim, Freya+1, Mimiron and even general V after a few attempts. I was impressed that I didn't cause like six wipes by being stupid but I didn't and it was awesome.


That's right. We did a 10m ToC on my second day of being in the guild. We blew though Northrend Beasts and Lord J with ease. Faction champs was a slight hiccup with all of my hex's being resisted and some crazy burst on the dps. We came back together and downed them on our second attempt. Onto the Twins. After a brief description of the fight we went in. And being the idiot that I am, I let the tank die while I tried to get the orbs. Our amazing GM and druid healer came over to help me out and we downed the Twins on our second attempt. We had maybe 5 minutes left on our two hour raid schedule. And with that we went onto Anub to see what he was like. Phase one and two are pretty much face roll, with phase three just being really annoying. I think I had a mini-stroke when I saw people below 45%. We downed Anub on our first attempt, and that was ToC. Guild first ToC, something I participated in. Amazing.

I enjoy raiding with this guild and these people more than I've enjoyed raiding in a long time and I see great things coming from my hopefully long career with them. As maybe four people read this blog, there isn't much point to what I'm about to do but that's how I roll.

Mused is recruiting!
12/14 Uld-10
5/5 ToC-10
Raid times are 10-2am Friday/Saturday, Sunday(optional) 10-12m

This wall o' text brought to you by The Healers Association of HOLY SHIT PEOPLE ARE DYING HOLY SHIT. Thank you for your time.

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