Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Defensive, offensive, and on the fence...ive.

Fair warning, I'm writing this at midnight on 2 hours of sleep the night before, abandon all hope ye who enter.

A few days ago, I posted about how I felt a tad off when I was tanking, how it didn't mesh like healing, or even dps'ing does. I boiled it down to misplaced bars, and lack of skill bucket then, and it's possible I was right on both fronts.
1.Keybindings: As a Protection Paladin my rotation consists on 5 spells, known as the 969 rotation. Previously, as in 3 days ago, I had all my 9 second CD's right next to each other, and then my 6 seconds would eventually be in the same boat. It's possible that this method works if you use an actual keyboard, but with my n52, it wasn't cutting it. Having 4 skills bound to the D-pad, and one to the little, barely a button button above it was difficult to say the least. So to solve that problem, I just moved things around and changed the actual bindings of my gaming pad. Now Divine Plea is my little pussy button, so it's close at hand, but not important or in the way.
2.Spells: Good God in Heaven, Divine Plea! Before this spell of orgasmic delight, I drank after every fucking pull, no matter the size or how much I actually did. Kill 1 non elite? Drink. AoE tank 4 fast attacking mobs that I blocked and dodged like a bitch? Drink. With Divine Plea, AoE 4 mobs, run to the next pack, accidentaly aggro another pack, who cares, I got all the mana in the world. Do I pull to fast now for you healers? Karma for healing those bumfuck dps that pulled entire rooms because I had to drink. Oh so poo on you mister healer, I could care less.

This just in Rallii, aggro queen extraordinare and super douche tank Will pull entire rooms unless you tell him not to, and if you pull off of him, then you suck. Jump off a cliff and die. That is all.

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