Monday, January 25, 2010

Raiding, it's like a retarded STD

Most STD's are smart, they like to fuck your life in ways you would expect all things crotch related to do. Raiding is like that, but instead of your crotch, it likes to take friendships, and the ways things are, flip em onto their back, and rape them repeatedly. Too graphic? Didn't want that in your head when you read a wow blog? Go somewhere else, it's going to get worse. I haven't talked about this much in the last month or two, but I couldn't give two shits less about raiding at the moment. So what just Has to happen right about now? My friends, and fellow non-raiders get an offer from a co-worker on a different realm to come join their guild to raid. I have no problem with this, I really don't, my problem is in what I was asked to do. They wanted to level baby toons, from 1-80 on that server so that we could raid. Now, let me describe to you the feeling I have when I raid. If you've ever seen those horrid, disturbing pictures of tauren male on other race male fucking when looking for a WoW picture for whatever reason, I am the other race, and raiding is the Tauren, raping me over and over again. I said there was little to no chance of that ever happening, and that I'd rather play the level 66 I currently had then start over. They kept on fucking going. I got beat down with why it would be fun, why we should do it, how I was a good raider, blah blah shut the fuck up. Getting hounded like that reminds me of something in WoW, something we all have had done to us. Getting beat down by a virtual dick. Never had that done to you? Guess what, Epeen + PvP = You getting beat by a penis. After all this ranting, I do have a confession to make, my only raid experience if from that of a whack-a-mole, sit and wave my arms like a retarded infant, get blamed for deaths when stupid isn't curable, healing perspective. I might want to raid as a tank, I highly doubt it, but anything is possible. And as my little secret, the server that their friends is on is a pacific, while they are on central, and I'm on eastern. 3 hour time difference can suck my butthole.

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