Friday, January 15, 2010

Tanking: A loss of power.

When in a 5-man instance, whether it's a level 80 heroic or maradoun, people often assume the the person with the sword and shield smacking away at mobs is the one in control. Incorrect Sir. As a tank, you have no power in the group, because in all honestly, all you are is a meat shield. Sure, there are some amazing meatshields, and they are great players most of the time, but who do they really control? The real head honcho, numero uno in a group is the healer for one reason only. If they so choose, you will die. I don't mean this as a healer lets you die in order to save someone they view as more important in a raid, this is purely they let you die because they feel like it, and there is nothing you can do. Seeing as I play a healer, and I know all those little things that people do to make me want to track them down and run them over with an SUV several times, I also know what not to do as a tank.

1. Don't Rush- Unless told too, stop after each pull to make sure your healer is okay on mana, or looting, or that their dog didn't just shit on the carpet. The healer of the group holds the power, so be nice, even if you don't like them.

2.Don't Stroke Your E-Peen-Just because you think you can grab the entire cathedral in Scarlet Monestary, don't. Your healer might not be able to handle that, so go slow.

3. Be Aware-Some bosses spawn adds, and while you are engrossed in Omen to see how far ahead of the dps you are on threat the healer could die from adds you failed to pick up.

4.Use Your Experience-If you are like me, and have done some of these instances so many times you could do them in you sleep, use that to help your group. If a boss applies a nasty debuff, spawns adds, or anything like that, if could be the difference between a wipe.

5.Communicate-Talk to your group if you're struggling.Use their names, don't just say,"Hey druid, more heals", because that pisses us off.

I'm going to try and get an addon section in to at least every other post from now on, because addons are awesome, and I'm a whore for awesome.

I did a UI post about a month and a half ago, just showing what I used for my healer. That UI was great, but when the author updated it and completely changed the look of it, I switched to my current one. I currently use LUI, a compilation that is in my opinion one of the best out there. I won't put any screenies up because his do it more justice, but I will go over some of the basics with more to come later.

kgpanels-All of the important features have a panel assigned to them. Not a new thing, but what this UI does differently is the alpha effect. With the click of a button, you can choose to hide any of the panels you want. For example, when I'm doing some quests, I don't need recount or Omen showing, so I hide those, giving it a very sleek, clean feel.

Unit Frames-This UI uses Pitbull 3.0, and they are beautiful. The actual frame shows your % health, while you have your actual numerical health and mana before that. The target of target, and the focus frames both have nice effects that makes them look connected to the player/targer frame respectively.

That's all for LUI for now. Check it out, tell the author how cool it is, and if you're like me, use it and never think about switching.

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