Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Double post. Double stu.... Oh wait.

Double post time! Zomg lol roflmao nub.
Acronyms= Bad mkay?
I was talking to one of my friends on her vent channel, and as we were talking, we began using acronyms for our healing spells(she also plays a resto shaman). This is all well and good, allowing us to talk faster, and because it is just a habit we both have. The real problem came up when another good friend of ours joined the channel and popped in to chat with us. He play's a resto druid, and obviously doesn't share the same acronyms that we do. As the conversation goes on, he starts to get really quiet. We have to ask him a question directly to get an answer. I ask him whats wrong, and I get one of those responses that you get when the person isn't really listening to you. He was sort of distant, rude almost and then wouldn't talk again. So, being the jerk that I am, I completely ignore him, and keep on talking. What happened over the next two minutes follows.

"No no no. You focus the tank, ES him, RT him for TW and spam lesser or chain depending."-Me
"That's what I try to do, but I have to weave lesser's in between chains and I use TW way to fast to notice. I probably need to track those lol"-Her
"Are you doing most AoE healing or a lot of tank? Cause that's what I do for tank but I do weave lesser's in between chains on like twins and stuff.
"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TWO TALKING ABOUT!? Fuck this, im going to go talk to people that fucking speak with words."-Him

He blew up. And I mean he flipped a lid and ranted for a good minute until we could get a word in. And honestly, I completely understand why he did it. How annoying is it to be in a conversation and have no idea what is going on? So we started talking with actual words, and he joined back in to awe us with the massive numbers of HPS he can do on twins 25 man.

Moral for today: No one knows the acronyms for other classes(or maybe I just don't pay attention enough, I don't care). So talk with words, you know, those things you've been using since the age of two.

I hate other people.
I do, I honestly really hate other people. I ran into something that bothered me so much, that I considered reporting at least twenty people for it. There was a conversation in trade chat on a realm I have a few alts on. I was chilling in Org, fiddling with a spec, and what do I see? A conversation on why black people, women, handicapped(physical I'm assuming) people and anyone else that was "different" should have to have a label on their character names so that guild/players could do whatever it is egotistical pricks do. I nearly flipped my lid. I was on vent with the afore mentioned people, and I say to them, "racist fucks like this are the reason I hate other people". How horrible of a person do you have to be to degrade and belittle people in a game? Do you get off on it or maybe you are just too stupid to realize what you're saying? I'm happy to say that I didn't get involved with it, calmly walked away and nearly broke vent because I was swearing so much.

Triple post...Suck it.
Yeah...suck it go-- Oh wait right, yeah sorry.
So I just quick wanted to trow in another UI post, just to go over something that I recently started to do, and have found in extremely useful.
If you can see, which you might not be able to as the alpha is set to about 10%, I have my condensed action bars devoid of any non-macro'd spells. I have everything set up to my mouse and modifier keys, and the buttons I do have on my bars are keys near enough to the WASD pad, that I can access them easily. I used to have all my cooldowns on my bars, and all my CC/damage spells on my vars too. Recently, I've mapped them all to my mouse. I've already gotten feedback that I do better when I play like these. Better use of cooldowns and trinkets, faster movement, and somehow, faster reaction times(I don't know about this last one, but I'll take whatever compliment I get). But, I did move my bar so that whatever spells are on there, are a quick twitch of the mouse away.

So that's it for today, I bet you are so glad that you spent a shit ton of time reading stuff that had nothing to do with anything! Leave now, I have stuffing to do, and some sucking.

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