Saturday, November 28, 2009

Names to live by

And now, let your heart relax, and your mind wander as you are serenaded by the sweet sweet lullaby of, Skullfucking gorilla and the pussycats.

Titles have been a part of WoW since almost, if not for sure, the beginning of the game. You had your PvP titles, of which I am a proud owner, and that was basically it. Then with TBC, you got raiding titles, arena titles and all that fun stuff. Through both of those versions of the game, we never saw class specific titles that everyone of a certain class could get. In comes WotLK, and my heart prays for a class specific title. I got shot down like the dude Dick Chaney shot in the face. Not only did we not get class specific titles, we got titles for stupid things. I understand that cooking is a bitch to level, and it isn't fun, but if I learn the cooking skill aren't I already a chef without having to get to a certain level or number of recipes?

I feel like each class should have it's own, unique title that fits the style and lore of the class, so here's my attempts at a few.

Druid- (name), the Ever Nurturing
(name), Nightmare of the Living
(name), The Watchful Sentinel
(name), The Elemental Protector
Warrior- ,
(name) The noble defender
(name), Cleric of the Faithful
(name), Fist of the Holy
(name), The whispering death
(name), Wizard of the First Order
(name), Corruption of Mortality

I'm not entiretly happy with some of these, but all in all I think they would fit their class really well, and give people that don't like any of the current titles, or people that can't get the ones they like due to their requirements a nice alternative.


  1. Thanks! The druid title is one of my favorite, along with the DK and Shaman ones.