Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Yeah, I just slapped some math right in your face, deal with it. That really isn't math, it's how I address what I like to call, "A healers healer". All healers know that tanks have a healer that they always run with, and same goes for healers with a tank they always run with. Now, this could be because they are your friend, your significant other, or even just someone you like and know will perform. But what about who other healers like to have by their side chucking heals at the raid? Well, I know that I for one have people that I like to run with more that some others. The two other main healers in my guild are a druid and a paladin, both great people and great players. When I'm sitting waiting for raid invites to start, I pray that those two will be with me because I know that we won't have any problems. If I get hit by a kobold on the Northrend Beast encounter, I know that when I call out in vent that I'm locked out, the other two healers will cover my assignment until I'm able to cast, and the same goes if they got locked out. Not only do I know that they will perform, I know that we will be able to critique each other if we see something wrong and neither of us will get mad and, "STFU NUB I R 2 ROFLSTOMP U". If you're a healer, or especiallyl a tank, you need to count on the healers around you to do their job so that you don't have to over work and eventually die or run out of mana and all that non fun stuff.

A few ways that I've learned of to help a fellow healer get comfortable with you is to talk to them. Weird right? Talking, this new fangled idea that someone invented! If you joke around on vent, or guild chat or even in whispers the healer in question will be trusting of you, and able to perform better when in a raid situation.

I know for myself, the more healers I can count on, the more relaxed I am in a raid. I don't have to worry about keeping everyone up because someone isn't doing a good job, I can handle my assignment and if another healer needs it, I'm more than willing to help out.

This wall o' text brought to you by:Tanks-Thanks for standing there and getting slapped in the face by a huge ass demon fucker while we chuck fireballs at it, couldn't have done it without you!.

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