Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bibbity Bobbity Blappity Bliip

I've never known what it was like to be loved

...Or wanted
...Or needed
...As a healer

And I really wish I'd never learned. Every bumfuck guild on my server is apparently recruiting shamans, and by the number of whispers I get, I'm the only unguilded one. After completely ignoreing what must have been the fifth person to say, "my guild is recruiting shammys r u interested?!?", I learned what it is like to be "needed" by a twelve year old that thinks he can run a raiding guild. If you randomly see me in Dalaran and whisper me about joining your guild out of the blue, I'm going to flat out ignore you. If you just invite me to your guild without any notice or conversation, I won't just ignore you, I'll say mean things and then ignore you. On the same token, if you politetly introduce yourself as the GM or Class lead, or whatever of a guild, and be professional about asking me to apply to your guild, I might give you the time of day. A guild is a place for, in my opinion, two things. Meeting and making new friends and being social, and getting a group of people together that can play professionally to get down content. It isn't a place that you log on for two hours or whatever to raid and then go back to do what you were doing, it's a place to socialize but at the same time play the game at the level you want. Which means that you have to invest time into the guild. Time is something people take seriously, and if some no-name person expects anyone to join their guild after "hey join my guild lol" they are, how should I put this politely, fucking retarded.

-End Rant

Happy Happy Fun Time!!
Now that the rant is over, I just realized that I've never explained why my site is named totem healz. I've gotten, "because ur a shaman and u have totems and your a healer", or even, "cause shamans have totems and they is uber coolz so thats why!". No, that isn't the reason at all. The story takes place in my first "raiding" guild in WotLK, which is where I meet some of the coolest people on the planet. We were in OS 10, coming onto the first dragon guy that you kill, and myself, along with the pally healer of the guild were sorta just chillin, not doing much healing wise. As we are standing infront of the boss, I decide that it's time to go get something to drink without telling anyone. I do however, drop my Healing Stream Totem just to be safe. They go in, start smacking the dragon with their tiny little swords or whatever other weapon tickles your fancy, and they notice that I'm not doing anything. They die because the pally went into the portal to kill the guys in their, and I obviously wasn't there to heal the tank. We wipe, I get back to a very angry vent that is yelling at me for not telling them I was AFK. I, being the complete jackass that I am, say, "Well I dropped my totem, thats all the healing I need to do. Maybe you guys just suck!". We proceed to kill all the bosses and get some phat lootz, and I log for the night. I come back online the next day, which happened to be a Wednesday, and noticed that I couldn't even acces the guild bank to see if we needed any leather. Well WTF is going on? I whisper the Co-GM, one of the coolest people I know, and she laughs and says look at my guild rank. It read, Healz with Totems. I stayed at that rank for about a month before I got put back to my semi-officer position. So that's the less than comical story of a less than comical site written by a person that thinks he's funny, but really probably isn't.

Definition of the Day- Bibbity Bobbity Blappity Bliip: The sound one makes when getting hit over the head with an imaginary penis while passed on a sidewalk in Detroit.

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