Sunday, November 1, 2009

Get some dips.

On Friday night, with no prospect of raiding as a guild, our amazing hunter and I decided it was time we took a dip into TogC. We got invited to the same group, and decided we should both read up on the differences from non-heroic to heroic. As I'm reading, I can't help but say to him over vent that this is a little intimidating. Now as a dps, I don't think he really knew why I thought it was intimidating but I won't hold that against him. So we get onto the pugs ventrilo, and I prepare myself for utter failure on my part. To my surprise and delight, the Rl was polite, patient, and down right nice. He said we were going to take it slow, if we wiped so be it, and that if we made it two bosses in he was happy. On to the bosses.
Northrend Beasts
Impales hit harder and last longer. The fire applies a DoT that will kill you.
Acid pools expand faster, toxin slows you down faster, bile can wipe a group if you aren't spread out.
Icehowl:No run-speed increase on his crashes.(hold down your strafe keys and don't be like me and enrage the boss)

Lord Jaraxxus
The only real difference is the you must kill the portal and the volcano when they spawn.

Faction Champions
You cannot taunt the nps's in this mode, which means that your lovely shaman healer will get destroyed by the death knight, the priest, the hunter, and the rogue(Yeah, I died in 1.32 seconds. Fun stuff). Other than systematically destroying people, this fight is exactly the same.

A de-buff is applied that will basically blow up people of opposite aura to the target of the de-buff. The orbs hit for more, and for some reason they seemed to float faster, but that may have been me.

That's as far as we got. Well actually we only got past champs, but I know the twins fight front and back, so I wrote about that one too. From what I hear, Anub is quite difficult in Heroic, and I am quite happy we didn't get to him because I had already had my fair share of "Oh shit" moments. Once the guild gets into TogC, I should have the full strats up and all that fun stuff.

This wall o' text brought to you by: I have nothing witty to say. You can leave now.

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