Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The not so summer slump.

I don't know if it's just my guild, or maybe just the younger crowd, but I can't count the times I've seen serious raiders miss a raid because they were playing MWF2 or L4D2. The fall slump is sneaky, and it likes to kick you in the pants when you aren't looking. We've lost around 5 or 6 members because we can't get a raid because half of our regulars are playing something else. I can't say that I haven't even been guilty of this, but I know that when I join a guild I'm accepting a responsibility to them, and I don't let the awesomeness of L4D2 get in the way of that. Long and the short of it, I have to start looking for a new guild because of two things: 1) After going to the hospital for staying awake for nearly 70 hours, I am no longer capable of raiding at 2 am two nights in a row 2) We haven't been able to raid in nearly two weeks and I'm sick of it. 3) Seeing t10 on a draenei makes me cry inside... it looks horrible.

This garden fence brought to you by- The GSAA: Because someone needs to be aware when you are being skullfucked by a gorilla.

Gorilla skullfucking awareness association... cmon guys, work with me.

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