Thursday, September 3, 2009

From voodoo to borscht

At last! The time has come for me to shed my trollishness for hooves. No longer will I be a raptor riding, voodoo doing, spin kicking troll. For I shall become... A Space Goat!!!. An elephant riding, Russian speaking, borscht eating space goat! Since Tbc was announced, I'd always wanted to plat a space goat, but really didn't want to start over from level 1. After I hit 80, I really wanted to play alliance, the horde on my server are worse than any one else from any server I've ever encountered. So I'm making the switch, and now instead of having to talk to a cowadin in the near future, I can kill them and laugh about it. My troll is laughing at that, and my space goat would be, but he's eating borscht.

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