Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Awesome is the only word to use for it. The new boss in VoA is a restoration shamans wet dream. Massive raid damage is where Chain heal shines, and this fight is purely raid damage. This guy gives himself as 5% damage increase every 20-30 seconds which if the fight lasts too long will one shot the tank. He lays down patches of fire that you MUST get out of. He also does a fire spin that hits everyone in the raid over about 3-4 seconds, killing you if you don't throw up a riptide on yourself. This fight was extremely fun, and actually quite easy if you have a good group. The group I was in for 25m had people die in first 20 seconds to the fire patches and he ended up hitting the tank for around 50k. I also saw holy paladins shine in this fight, with the number one healer a paladin with 5.3k HPS, and me at 4.9k HPS. the next people on the list were another resto shaman, a holy priest and a druid with all but the druid hovering 2-5oo HPS under me. Also, got me some t9 gloves to upgrade my crappy t7.5 ones, I'm quite happy.

Edit: We did have more than 5 healers, but they either died early or weren't very good so I didn't really think about them :)

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