Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Staying and Sucking, the truth is in the name.

Innuendos are fun! So, quick update on stuff that has to do with stuff. I have re-activated my account at the urging of several friends and former guild-mates, so you won't be rid of me just yet. As for sucking.... well lets just say there was a cop, a speeding ticket, and a certain someones [Going Down?] achievement popped. In less offensive news, the new, or old if you're that kind of person, revamped Onyxia is not very fun in 25m. Why, you ask? Well I'll tell you... In the form of song!!! Not really but I will tell you what to watch out for. There are a lot of whelps, I counted nearly 30 and they have a relatively large health pool for AoE adds. The big elites hit hard and are some how invisible to all dps, seeing as we had about 5 alive at one time. The deep breaths are not all that hard to avoid if you aim your camera up a little and watch for where Onyxia is facing. As she descends into Phase 3, she immediately fears, and the lava immediately 'splodes, providing a double helper of up the pooper action. All in all, a very movement heavy fight, a fight full of oh shit moments, and HOLY SHIT WHELPS FUCK GET 'EM OFFA ME SHIT IM DEAD SHIT REINCARNATE. It'll probably be a few weeks until pugs can get her down with one attempt but it's a really fun fight.

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