Saturday, September 5, 2009

The raiding guild's mistake. Sorta.

This has got to be one of my biggest pet peeves ever. EVER. When you're applying to a raiding guild, going through the application and all's well and good. Then you see it, the dreaded addon question. "Do you use all of our required addons? omen, dbm and decursive?" This bothers me to no end, and I really don't know why. Forcing raiders to have addons that are raid specific, and help in raids is fine, and I agree that you shouldn't accept a raider that doesn't, or is unwilling to use addons. But I swear to god, when ever I see that question my response is always yes, even though I don't use decursive. I really could care less about a guild if that's a deciding factor. My problem stems from the fact that I dont view addons as something to make gameplay easier, but just enchance it. Take Grid for example, Grid is just a better version of something blizzard already had. Healing is still difficult, but grid enchances my gameplay by making the raid frames smaller and more in-depth. Decursive on the other hand, is one of those game modifiers. Sure it doesn't change gameplay, but god it makes it feel easier. Cleansing is something that I like to do on my own, via grid. I don't like the fact that decursive makes that aspect of the game mindless. I've been kicked out of many a guild from a conversation like this one.

RL: What killed everyone?

ME: Couldn't get debuff off fast enough, sorry.

RL: Don't you have decursive? It makes life so much easier.

ME: Nope, never saw a need to use decursive.

RL: Well our wipe proves that you do nub.

Yeah so that's not exactly how they go but my point is this: Requiring addons is fine to a point, but once that point is crossed it hinders gameplay and make unhappy players.

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  1. I always take them as guidelines (not that I am applying to guilds.. but...)

    Do you have a boss mod
    Do you have a healing frame
    Do you have decursing helpers (either decursive or built into raid frames).

    I know there is greater synergy if everyone is using the same tookls... but hey, if what you have works, then why change it.

    It surprises me that meny guilds expect recount type mods... but don't actually want people to use them