Saturday, September 12, 2009

/sigh for the 5th time.

So here's and update for anyone that cares.
I've gotten my account back, I can officially log on and play and all that good stuff. Unfortunately, as is par for the course I've gotten all my gear that can be sold, sold. The account is currently canceled, all addons are gone and I don't even have the shortcut on my desktop. As of now I haven't decided if I'll re-activate it because of my heavy school load, but if I do I'll only be playing on a casual basis. We'll see what happens, I've been thinking about making a new account and starting over so these bastards don't find me again but I don't have that kind of patience. I'll give another update in a week or two, or not, who knows at this point. I would just like to point out how ironic the timing is. I sent an application in to a hardcore raiding guild on a different server about 12 hours before I found out I'd been hacked. Whatever, thanks to anyone who reads the blog and rest assured the permanent deletion of all things WoW won't be final.

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