Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Class angst

Not sure if that's a proper way to use the word, but I don't care. I'm having it.

My problem comes from the fact that I feel like I'm being pigeonholed into using Chain Heal all the time, when most encounters don't warrant the use of Chain Heal. Sure fights like Auriya where there is a decent amount of raid damage or Mimiron where people get bent over on a regular basis I'll use it, and it shines, but most fights really don't need Chain Heal spamming. So on fights that I don't Chain Heal spam my healing done is basically non-existent and when I do Chain Heal spam my over-healing is through the roof. Some other shamans that I've talked to about this have the same problem. We've come to the conclusion that in 25m's Chain Heal is great, but not as much in 10's. The reason for this is because apparently Chain Heal isn't where blizzard wants it to be as an AoE healing spell. I guess it's just not my play style(Give me a holy pally and I'll probably be fine).

This post of whining and being a little baby brought to you by: Shamans for the fair treatment of totems.

-When you abuse a totem, troll babies get beat by their parents.

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